Roy is committed to giving back to the larger community, and he participates in various charitable endeavors across the country.

Along with creating the Tom & Warren Matsuda Culinary Scholarship, he co-founded the Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival.

Roy has a passion for advancing culinary education locally as well as through his work as a board member of his alma mater, The Culinary Institute of America.

He also believes in the Go For Broke National Education Center’s dedication to teach and preserve the history and heroism of the segregated Japanese American military units and the importance of bridging relationships with Japan and the U.S. through his involvement with the U.S. – Japan Council. Helping to build and strengthen relationships has always been an important part of Roy’s philosophy and his latest appointment as a member of Brand USA allows him to share his love of Hawaii and the country to worldwide travelers. 

It is Roy’s personal belief that we all have a responsibility to support people in need, sustain our environment and communities, and help promote good stewardship by educating students in the culinary arts.


Here are the organizations that Roy takes part in: